Finding retirement accommodation

Numerous retirement villages, lifestyle estates, old age homes, nursing homes, frail care centres are listed in our directory. Complete the form listed below, specify the type of accommodation you are looking for and retirement facilities in your area will contact you directly. If, however, you prefer to do the searching yourself, go to the Senior Service website and search our large directory.

Help and advice

We want you to make the right informed decisions at this crucial time in your life.

Looking for a care home?

You may want to visit potential care homes before you make your choice.

During your visit it is important to consider the staff in the care home, as you will have contact with them on a daily basis.
• Do you notice any members of staff talking with or assisting the residents?
• When the staff is assisting a resident, do they explain what they are going to do?
• Does the staff treat residents with respect and dignity?
And you can ask the manager:
• Can  the staff speak or understand your first language if it is not English?
• Are the staff trained in the moving and handling of residents?
Whilst visiting homes have a look at the facilities available for you in the home.

• Are the rooms available as single or shared? (If they are shared, how is privacy achieved?)
• If the rooms are shared, did the residents choose to share? Both people in a shared room have to make the choice to share; you cannot be forced to share.
• Are rooms en-suite with bath, shower or toilet?


Meals are also a very important aspect of the service provided in the care home:
• Is the dining area enticing and big enough? 
• Can you choose who to sit with?
• Can meals be brought to your room?
• Can your friends, relatives or guests eat with you?
• Are there facilities for residents to make themselves snacks and hot drinks?