Finding retirement accommodation

Numerous retirement villages, lifestyle estates, old age homes, nursing homes, frail care centres are listed in our directory. Complete the form listed below, specify the type of accommodation you are looking for and retirement facilities in your area will contact you directly. If, however, you prefer to do the searching yourself, go to the Senior Service website and search our large directory.

Help and advice

We want you to make the right informed decisions at this crucial time in your life.

What is a Retirement Village?

A retirement village is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens. Normally each person or couple in the home has an apartment-style room or suite of rooms to themselves. More facilities are provided within a retirement village, including facilities for meals, socialising, recreation, and some form of health care. A place in a retirement village can be paid for on a rental basis, like an apartment, or can be bought.

A Retirement village differs from a nursing home primarily in the level of medical care given. Retirement villages offer separate and autonomous homes for residents.


Choosing the Right Retirement Community

First, you have to ask yourself, “What do I want from a retirement village?”

There are many options to choose from when looking for independent retirement living: cottage homes, and apartment living to name a few.

Cottage homes offer space with yards, garages and plenty of privacy and room. Many seniors choose apartment living as the apartment building itself usually houses other amenities and is close and conve- nient in proximity to “home.” Conveniences such as a dining room, store, library, gym, bank, activities room and beauty salon are usually within a short walking distance and under roof.


For those on the go, living in a retirement community affords many benefits. The ease of knowing that your home is cared for with services such as maintenance, (should a pipe leak or snow removal be needed) is a comfort when you are away. Housekeeping and security systems are also available. This allows for a quick response by a professional team of employees, not to mention the local fire and police department.

For fun, look for communities that offer a large array of choices in entertainment. It is best to choose a community with many options so you can pick and choose what you wish to do! From cards, crafts, educational classes and sporting events to “outside of the community” options, such as outings to theatres, shopping centers, restaurants and transportation for your own personal appointments – retirement community living can be convenient and exciting!

When looking for a retirement community, look to the road ahead – Should you need surgery, is there a rehabilitation center on site so that when you need it, you can come home to your community to recover? A complete retirement community also offers assisted living, skilled nursing care and memory care pro- grams all designed to offer the best in service for your individual needs.

Looking for a retirement village can be confusing and overwhelming, but remember there are many services that offer comparisons and information that can help with that decision. Do not be afraid to ask questions and spend some time in a retirement community. Most offer lunches, dinners and tours. Take full advantage of those offers!

It is an exciting time to be a senior! Enjoy yourself and have fun!